Sunday, October 28, 2007


So, this morning, I hear Austin and Jordan
having a "heated" discussion in the bathroom.
I saw pillows all over the living room floor,
and Sydney was nowhere to be found.
I knocked on the door and asked what was going on.
Jordan said Austin was throwing pillows at her.
I asked why he was throwing pillows at her.
He said it was because Jordan wanted Sydney
to be Sandolf, and Sydney didn't want to.
And he agreed, he didn't want her to, either.
So, he threw pillows at Jordan.
I chastised him for throwing pillows,
explained it wasn't the appropriate course of action
and asked them both to stop fighting.
They reluctantly agreed, and I started to go back to what I was doing.
Then I stopped, and offhandedly asked,
"Who's Sandolf?"
They both smiled, and Jordan,
through her mischievous, sheepish grin, said,
"It's Santa and Rudolph mixed together."
I died laughing.

Syd, I would've run, too.

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jen prokhorov said...

and where the heck did you find a picture of SANDOLF???