Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween horseback ride

A surprise snowstorm
in October
brought winter
before any of us were ready for it!
But that didn't keep us
from having a blast
riding horses on Halloween
at the home of some
wonderful friends.

We had the best time
and are so thankful for the Broomes
and the chance to spend time
with them at their ranch.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Evening in SLC

We had a few hours to spend
on temple square with the kids.
We had never really been to
the Conference Center,
so we started to explore outside a little.

After noticing
that tours were offered
every half-hour,
we decided to peek inside
and see what it was all about.
We were not disappointed.
A kind gentleman
took our family on
a grand tour.
We started out on the roof,
since the sun was setting.
I discovered that there was
no more perfect time to be up there.
This wall mural,
etched in stone by lasers, was
Our guide told us that
every equinox, the sunset aligns
directly through the
center of the spire,
and that about 600 people go up to the roof
to take pictures of it.
He then took us inside,
where we were able to see
hundreds of beautiful
works of art --
paintings, sculptures, murals.
We were amazed
by the sheer size of
the worlds' largest auditorium.
It was incredible.
He told us it seats 21,000 people.
We thoroughly enjoyed
the chance to learn more about
such a beautiful building,
and so many interesting
facts and stories about it as well.
All of us gained a greater appreciation for
the Conference Center.
After the tour, we walked across the street
to Temple Square.
It was awesome to spend some time
with the kids
in such a beautiful place.
It made us all appreciate our faith
and the faith of those who
sacrificed so much
to build those magnificent buildings.
We are so blessed!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wheeler Farm

We made a quick trip over to Utah
for a couple of days.
While Doug and Marc held their business meetings,
Tomi and I took the kids to
Wheeler Farm
for a few hours.
We had such a great time!
We took some pizza over for a picnic lunch
and then walked around
to see what the farm had to offer.
First on the agenda
was a cute little hay and corn maze for the kids.

Next we took a wagon ride
on the dirt roads
past the animal pens
and some beautiful fall foliage along a stream.
The kids had a blast
feeding the geese and pigeons
from a loaf of bread
so kindly offered us
by a stranger.

And we couldn't help
but spend awhile
playing in all those beautiful leaves
on the ground.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sydney wanted a
party of all parties
for her 10th birthday.
So we had some friends over
and celebrated with them
for a few hours.
A little pizza was served
to start off the night.

We played a fashion designing game
where the girls created an outfit
out of a roll of foil.
Very fun!

They did great work!
I see some real potential here. :)

We played a couple more games,
then turned on the
disco ball
and they danced the night away.
A little Cha-Cha Slide really livened things up.

After Syd opened gifts,

we topped the night off

by making s'mores and playing

Apples to Apples Jr.

A totally fun night!

We were all sad when it was

time for the girls to leave.

Happy birthday, Sydney!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ballet and bunnies

Our budding ballerina
and her beloved "fairy"