Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Next best thing

It's not that we didn't try.
The concert was last fall,
just in time for Sydney's birthday.
We went online to get tickets
the day they went on sale.
Well, I guess you had to buy them
in the first 4 minutes, or they were gone.
Rather than pay $300 a seat
buying from scalpers,
we decided to wait.
We settled for the concert on tv
in 3-D
last Saturday night.

Not quite the same as being there,
but almost.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Friday morning
we headed up
to Rifle
Mountain Park
for a fun
night of
family camping.
We were lucky
to find an awesome spot to camp. Mostly shaded and pretty secluded. Austin had some scouting requirements to fulfill, so he helped set up the tent.

There were lots of trails and rocks
for the kids to climb on and explore.

Doug and Austin
got busy whittling
some branches
into marsh-
roasting sticks.
then we had a
3-mile hike to do, so we took a long walk down the road. On the way back to camp, this deer jumped out in front of us. It was the biggest doe I've ever seen. Doug thought it was an elk at first, that's how big it was.

In the evening, Doug took
Austin and Sydney fishing
on the stream, while
Jordan, London and I
gathered wildflowers for
a table centerpiece.

Austin helped build
the fire
and we had more
s'mores than we
should have,
but what's a campout
without s'mores?

We actually got
a pretty good
night's sleep,
and the next morning
had a hearty
(cooked by Austin,
yes, another
of breakfast
He told me he wants
to do more cooking at
home, he kind of
enjoys it!
We ended our adventure
with a rousing game of
"upset the fruit basket",
then packed up and
headed home.
What a blast! We need more
of those kind of trips.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Girls' party

While the guys took a little trip
to Denver for the Rockies' game and some golf,
we girls decided we weren't going to
let them have all the fun.
So, this morning we
went to the store and
rented a chick flick.
Then we came home and
packed a picnic lunch
and headed up to Rifle Falls.

After lunch we hiked the trail
around the falls
and explored the caves.

The view from above the falls
is spectacular!

After that hike, they wanted more,

so we went over and hiked the trail at

the riparian zone.

After a little break,

the four of us went out to dinner

at Rib City. Best ribs in town!

Then we all got our p.j.'s on
and had a little
foot massage/nail painting
while we watched
College Road Trip.

They got to stay up late

and then wanted to sleep

on the hide-a-bed.

You can always judge

how much fun they've had

by how long it takes to get to sleep.

Tonight it took them about 2 minutes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


London came upstairs after she had
dressed herself today.

She said, "Look, Mom,
my socks match my shoes, see?"

She was so proud of herself.

I didn't have the heart to

say anything about her outfit.

Another 2-year-old battle,

best left unfought.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Daisy & Minnie

Our friends who own
the local pet shop
have been trying for awhile
to tell us how great
these little animals
are as pets.
We thought it would be
a good opportunity for us
to give the kids
some responsibility
of their own.

They are
really having
a good time
Daisy and
so far.
They clean
out the
and make
sure they
have food
and water.

Maybe you think
it's a little creepy
to keep rats for pets.
I thought so too, at first.
But we've learned
that the
kind are far from
the ones you
typically think of.
They're actually
clean and
love people!
And with a life span
of only about 2 years,
it wasn't a huge
They're not bad!
You learn
something new
every day. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

We had a little surprise
on the 4th this year!
Sydney started to feel
pretty sick all day.
Her tummy was hurting a lot,
so Doug took her in
to the emergency room
to find out what was going on.

They decided to admit her
after a couple of tests.
She was pretty tough
about the whole thing.

She wasn't even afraid of that

big machine that takes pictures

of her insides.

It turns out she needed to have her

appendix removed.

So, as the fireworks began,

here I was.

And they took Syd through the

big scary doors for her surgery.

All the doctors and nurses

loved her. They were so amazed

at her good spirits and sweet attitude.

They commented on how she

came out of surgery smiling.

She was such a trooper for the whole 4 days
we were there (her appendix had ruptured).
It was nice for me to be able to just
stay there with her the whole time.
We are grateful for so many
wonderful friends who helped
Doug and the kids while we were gone,
and all those who came to visit
her in the hospital.
We are so blessed!
We are also thankful for
the great doctors and nurses
who took such good care of her.
They were wonderful!
Yesterday when we found out
she could come home,
they all let out a big cheer.
We are glad she's home now,
and that she's getting better!
We love you, Syd!


Last weekend
we had a new friend
come and stay with us
for a couple of days.
This horse, er, I mean dog,
was named Chinook.
He was bigger than London,
but she had no problem
hanging out with him.

Like two peas in a pod.
He was very popular with
all the kids in the neighborhood,
once they got over being
scared to death of his size!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clowning around

Our library has a
summer reading program
which the kids love.
Every Thursday they have a
show at the school
for kids who participate
to come and watch.
Last Thursday it was
a clown and his dog.

The kids
thought he
They were
laughing so

It was
a fun little
on a hot

Can't resist

Okay, so I know I just did a post
on London and her naps
a few days ago,
but this was too funny.
I just had to do another one
when I found her like this
yesterday. . .