Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family outing

Over Memorial Day weekend,
we packed up the family
and a picnic in the truck
and headed up the canyon a couple of miles.
We stopped at one of our favorite spots
where no one else was around
and made our little camp for the day.
The kids needed no entertaining.
They picked dandelions for bouquets,

walked up and down the creek
looking for treasures,

searched for and collected snails,

made their own fishing poles,
with grass tied together for line
and completed with a dandelion for a bobber
and tried them out

while Doug did some fishing of his own

and actually caught a few
small brown trout.

He grilled us some
delicious hamburgers
and we had a regular outdoor feast.
Even took a rare family photo
with our little tabletop tripod.

After lunch we packed up
and drove a little further north
to explore the ice cave.
It was mostly melted away,
but there was enough ice
to skate on.

What a fun day we had!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


On the last day of school,
Doug and I were asked to come
and be at an awards assembly
at the middle school.
We learned that Austin
would be receiving the award for
6th grade boy of the year.
The 6th grade class has
almost 200 students,
so that was pretty awesome, we thought!
Here he is getting his award plaque.

He's such a great kid,
we're really proud of him
and all that he's accomplishing.
Great job, Austin!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tour of the town

In school this year,
the 3rd graders had the opportunity
to learn more about the history
of the town we live in.
They learned fun facts about the people
who founded it
and lived here 100 years ago.
Then, last week, they all went on a
walking tour to see the buildings
and talk about the history behind some of them.
It was fun to go with them and
hang out with Sydney for a few hours.

The group would stop
at several places
and a couple of the kids
who had researched that particular building
would stand up and
tell the group about it.

We live in a pretty cool little town.
It was fun to learn more about it.

It was interesting to learn
about the fire
that happened 100 years ago
and how the people dealt with it,
and how such an event
could change an entire town
back then.

After the tour,
we all stopped at the park
for a picnic lunch.
Then headed back up to school.

I think that being there

made the history come alive for them,

and was so much more fun

than just reading about it.

We really enjoyed it!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Living in a small town,
it's not too often that there are
new and exciting things to do.
So, when the carnival comes to town,
we go.

That big ferris wheel
drew us in first thing.
So we jumped on there
right away.
The 3 older kids
rode the swings,
they loved it.
However, you won't see me
riding any of those ones
that go in circles.
Not a good idea.
London was dying to ride
the merry-go-round.
But not those horses
that go up and down.
Just the seats
that stand still.
She was happy.

The hall of mirrors.

This one was
London's choice.
She rode it all by herself.

It was a great diversion and
a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Building Hogwart's

Austin got a set of
Harry Potter building cards
for Christmas.
He has built a couple of different
with them so far.
He did this one on Sunday.

Maybe we have a future architect
in the making!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fishing field trip

On Friday,
the 3rd grade classes
went over to the local pond
and got some pointers on fishing
from the Division of Wildlife officer.
He gave out free fishing poles
and helped them all
learn the basics.
Lots of parents
took the opportunity
to go fishing with their kids.

Sydney's getting to be a pro
at casting.
London really gets into it, too.

And we have to laugh
at some of her comments.
When she saw this,
she pointed down at the water
and said,
"Mom, look!
Someone dropped their hair
in there!"
Totally serious.
(I think.)

There's nothing better
than getting that
on the line.
She quickly hands it
over to dad to reel in.

A little rainbow.
We had to pet it
before we let it go
back into the pond.

Hilarious comment #2
from London:
"Mom, look!
Someone dropped their
fluffy stuff in there!"

Again, totally serious.
(I think.)

It was a beautiful day,
perfect for spending some
quality time together
fishing at the pond.
Hooray for living
in a small mountain town!

Folk singing

The first graders had their music program
last Wednesday night.
They sang a variety of fun folk songs
to the teacher's guitar-playing.
Songs like Kumbayah,
She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain,
This Old Man, Old MacDonald,
Mr. Tally-Man, and The Man in the Woods
were fun to listen to
and sing along with.
And when the kids were done,
proud parents gave them
a standing ovation.

The kids did really well.
Just one more sign
that another school year
is rapidly coming to an end.
(Lots of field trips coming up!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A beautiful spring day

It was a perfect
bubble-blowing day.

Bubble guns
are even better.
More action.

A perfect fort-building day, too.

And a perfect roller-blading evening.

The kind of day
you wish would last forever.