Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Random conversations with a 3-year old,
good for a few laughs:
One morning the power went out for awhile.
So she told me, "Then we need to go to the store and
get some new powers!"
We were jumping on the trampoline, and she got
a bit of an electric shock from it. So she says,
"That tramp winked me!"
She was helping fix dinner one night, and I commented,
"London, you're such a great helper!"
She said, "I AM a great helper. AND a great sister!
AND a great visitor!"
She was watching a VHS recording
(for the first time she knew of, she usually watches DVD's)
and after the tape ended, the screen went all blue.
So she came to me and said,
"Mom, you better fix this. Because then it got off
and then it breaked. It's just broken."
One day I told her, "London, you're so cute,
I just want to squeeze you!"
She said, "Mom, don't squeeze me,
then I would be a ant!
Just hug me."

How could I resist??

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shooting, Monsters and Aliens

Yesterday's Spring Break activities included:
shooting practice with dad.
All of us got to participate.
First things first: eye and ear protection for everyone.

After placing targets a couple hundred yards away,
we first tried out the rifle.
The kids did great. All shots were
pretty close to the bullseye, in a straight line.

London got to try shooting the bb gun at a can.
She was happy.
Next stop for her, concealed weapons course. :)

We felt like cowboys (and girls)
right out of the old west.

Jordan had to give it a try,
though the bb gun was more her pace.

Doug showed us all what a marksman he is.

After that excitement,

we decided to take a little trip to GJ

to see Monsters vs. Aliens - in 3D.

It's worth the extra price for the 3D. It was pretty cool.
The kids loved it. And the glasses.

By unanimous request

we had a delicious dinner at one of my favorite places,

(OK, I had to twist a couple of arms. But McDonald's? Come on.)

Red Lobster. Mmmm!

It was a great end to a fun day
a pretty good spring break.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More sweets

Today was another
inside day.
So, we made the most of it.
After we cleaned up the beds
from the living room slumber party last night,
we played some indoor baseball,
rock band,
and made a fort.
Then I got a craving.
You know those big round Lofthouse sugar cookies,
the ones with the pink frosting?
They're not sold where we live,
but I discovered them in college
and fell in love with how big and soft they are.
The wheels started turning, and I thought,
If I could find the recipe,
that would keep the kids busy for an afternoon!
(A-ha, I'm too smart for my own good!)
So, I went on an internet hunt.
And found it! The perfect imitation recipe.
We made a quick trip to the store,
and then began making them.

They really are
so much like the ones you buy,
I was amazed!
Big and puffy,
but lighter and even more delicious.
It made a lot.
Now what??
I'm in trouble. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring break, Plan B

We had planned to make a
trip over the mountains for a few days,
but the weather had other ideas.
So, we are now looking for fun ways
to spend the week closer to home.
Today, we thought we'd put together
an Easter Bunny house.
Like a gingerbread house,
only for Easter.
It was pretty fun.

And here is the
final product.
You always wondered
where the Easter Bunny lived, didn't you?
Well, now you know.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruth's house

Spring break
has brought a bit
of cold and snowy weather this week.
This afternoon, however,
the sun came peeking out for awhile.
The kids took advantage
and spent some time outside.
Jordan and London
went over to Ruth's house.
Ruth lives across the street from us.
Her own kids are grown and gone,
but she loves the ones in the neighborhood
to come over and visit.
She has a porch swing
that they love to swing on in the summertime.
And a puppy they can throw the ball to when they want.
Today, she gave them a blanket to sit on
and brought out a bin full of Cabbage Patch dolls
to play with.
They love it. And her.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seeing green

It was
"top o' the mornin'"
on St. Patrick's Day.
The kids came upstairs for school
all decked out
in everything green they could find.

In celebration,
we had cereal with
green-tinted milk
and green sugar sprinkles on top.

We hope you had the
Luck o' the Irish today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Date in Denver

These days,
Doug and I don't get to see
a lot of each other.
So we were thrilled to death
to have the chance
to steal away for an afternoon
to see Phantom.

It was showing
at the Buell Theater
downtown. We were
running a little late,
so I didn't have time
to take many pics.
But here it is.

The show
was so
We went
with some
good friends
who got us
for some of the
best seats in
the house.
We loved it!
It was such
a fun

I don't think
I could ever
see that show
too many times.
The music is
and the

experience is unforgettable! We had a great time. Thanks again, guys!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missing persons

On today's docket:
playing with the village people.

2 churches exactly alike
were carefully constructed.
One was for her and one for me.
Mine was a surprise.


I left for a few minutes,
and all of a sudden I heard her
burst out crying.
I wondered how in the world
do you get hurt
playing village people?
I went running to her and she suddenly stopped,
and smiled.
I asked what was wrong,
and she said
the village person was sad
because he was all by himself.
Poor guy.

So she went on a search
through Austin's room
and found his friends.

You gotta have friends!
She's got it figured out.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

First trip to the dentist

London went with me
while I got my teeth cleaned
at the dentist.
She watched with great interest
everything the hygienist did
and seemed excited when I said,
"Maybe we could get your teeth cleaned sometime, too."
Well, they had an opening today,
so I thought it would be a good idea
to take her in while she was still interested.
I told her about the appointment this morning,
and she was happy.
But after she started thinking about it,
she changed her mind.
Soon, she did not want to go to the dentist after all.
In fact, as I was making lunch,
she thought she would be smart
and barricade me into the kitchen.
She told me I was going to just stay in there
until it was time to go get the girls
after school.
I said, "What if I need to use the bathroom?"
Then she showed me how I could
just step over the shortest pillow.
That was nice.
When her wall was finished, she came in,
folded her arms and said,
"You're not going anywhere, ha ha."

OK then.
Well, as we all know,
moms usually win these kinds of debates.
I finally talked her into going.
I used the old bribe trick of
"You'll get a cool bag to take home,
like I got."
So off we went.

She did wonderful.
She got right up in the chair
and the hygienist made it fun.
She let her pick out
her favorite flavor of toothpaste
and tell the chair to move up and down.

She got to wear
cool shades.

And the toy of choice?
A punch-balloon.
That made it all worthwhile.
Not to mention
the sparkling smile she got
as an added benefit.
I think she changed her mind
about the dentist,
and may even look forward to
the next time she goes.