Monday, May 26, 2008

In memory

We may not live
close to Arlington National,
but I think the local
scout troop
does a good job
of making sure we

Every Memorial Day they carefully plot out
all the veterans' graves
and place an American flag next to
each one.

You almost have to be there

to get the full impact

of just how many men and women

have given up part or all of

their lives

to help keep our country


It makes me so

grateful and


to be living

in this great land.

The flagpole that stands on the hill

in the cemetery

has a plaque below

which says it all:

How blessed we are

that so many have been

willing to serve our country!

May God continue watching over

those who still serve today.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Growing up

This morning
our little Jordan
graduated from

They put on a sweet little
program with
sign language to songs
that make moms get teary-eyed.

Dad and London

got to come, too.

Jordan had a wonderful

teacher this year,

Miss Painton.

She made the transition easy.

We will miss her!

We're so proud of you, Jordan.

You've come such a long way

in the past year!

Great job.

We love you, sweetheart!

Girls' weekend out

Last weekend
Grandma invited a
bunch of us girls over
for 4 days of nothing but
eating and scrap-

Both were
and we had
such a good time
just being together
and doing something we all love doing.

We watched about 15 movies, shared ideas,

and cropped till 2 am every morning.

It was a fabulous getaway! Thanks, Grandma! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

The switch

Last week Austin's new
bedroom furniture arrived.
It's pretty sweet.
He loves it.
So, that created a chain of events
with all but one of the kids
switching bedrooms.
We moved Austin upstairs to that room.

Sydney moved over to what was
Austin's room before
(can you tell? Painting the walls
is our next priority!).
She absolutely LOVES
having her own room.

And one of the biggest changes,

moving London out of her crib

and into a bed!

Lots harder for me than her,

though she did ask for a few days

when we were going to the "other house"

to get her crib and bring it back.

Doesn't she look so little??

Another phase in life is past us.

Kind of bittersweet,

though it did kinda feel good

to clear out all that baby stuff!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Date night

Last weekend
Doug got us tickets
to a Rockies game.
We drove to Denver,
dropped off the kids with family,
and went downtown for the game.

It was 31 degrees
with the wind chill.
We froze our tails off.
But our seats were on
the club level,
so we could go inside
to warm up
every once in awhile.

We got some dinner
and later, hot chocolate and cookies.

The Rockies
couldn't pull off a win.
But we stayed till the
bitter end.
And had absolutely no trouble
with traffic afterward!
It was so much fun,
and an awesome date!

I caught a fish THIS big. . .

Doug took Austin out
a couple of days after the
April 15 deadline.
They had a blast.
Just ask Austin. . .

This one broke his record.
It measured a whopping 19".
Not bad for a morning's work!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Piano recital

Today was
Austin and Sydney's
spring recital.

They both did super.
Syd played 2 songs
and Austin did 5.

This time, we remembered!

(I had the kids to remind me,

thank goodness!)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


We awoke this morning
to find this:

May Day!

Glad we haven't
packed away those
winter clothes
just yet!