Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yesterday was
Sydney's big day.
9 years old.
And she got some royal treatment.
She got taken to lunch
at McDonald's.
Where she ordered an adult meal
so she could have the parfait on the side.
They are good.

Dinner was spent
at the bowling alley.

They even decorated the lane for her. I didn't know you could decorate lanes.
But, apparently, you can.
It was nice.

The girl of honor
got to bowl first.

London got to use
one of those things
you roll the ball off of.
She rocked it.
She pretty much had the
leading score
the whole game.

We came home and Syd
blew out her candle
and opened her presents.

She got several
cute homemade cards
from family members.
She received new
bedding and accessories
for her room.
Now, she says, she will
sleep like a princess.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The new me

Well, guys, I
took the plunge.
What do you think?
It's actually brown,
though it looks kind of reddish in the picture.

Now, I suppose, there should be a new

wardrobe to match, right? :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The kids have
had a chance to
break in their costumes.
Last Friday was our
ward Halloween party.

Just for fun,
we thought we'd
make a
coffin cake
for the cake walk.
Got the idea from
Jen last year,
and have been waiting
to try it.

There were
lots of fun
games and
for kids.

A table
for craft-

And some

But, oh, this is
only the beginning
of the Halloween
fun that awaits us
during the coming

Saturday, October 25, 2008


On Thursday,
the canner was borrowed,
and some
family canning
was done.

We had a great time!
And got dirty, too.
What a mess!

We also got some
shelves put up in our house
to store our
food on.
We have a ways to go,
but it's nice to finally have a place
to keep what we get.

It always feels great
to get a little more organized!
And more prepared.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


On this day
in 2005,
a little girl
was born.
She has been
a ray of sunshine
to our family
and everyone she meets
ever since.

She sings her own made-up songs.

She dances.

She makes me laugh.

She gives great hugs and kisses.

When I come home, she runs to me

with a big smile and says,

"Mom, I missed you!!"

She "reads" me stories.

She loves catching bugs

and playing with the dogs.

She asks me daily
to play 3 games with her:
Hide and seek,
and No Bears Out Tonight.
She loves to tease.
She can't wait till preschool.
But she asks if I'll stay with her
there, for awhile,
because she'll miss me.
She has long conversations
with strangers.
She makes them happy, too.
We are so grateful for you,
sweet London.
Happy birthday!!


Checking out
the presents.
It's soooo hard to wait.
"London, no peeking."

"Mom, I'm not peeking,

I'm just looking!"


no looking, either.

We'll open them

at dinnertime."

Mean old mom.


the cake,
to see
if it was
her liking.

Austin gets to
do the honors.
Birthday wishes.

she gets
a real

A fairy tale

I think she
likes it.