Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You never know. . .

I so appreciated
President Uchtdorf's talk
on Saturday night.
I liked how he talked about
the importance of service,
and how it helps us focus on others,
instead of ourselves.
So on Monday morning,
I prayed for an opportunity
to help someone.
Little did I know how that prayer
would be answered.

Doug got a phone call
around 8:30 last night
that a group of 4 people
had their car break down
and were stranded, with no place to stay.
All hotel rooms were booked for miles around.
They were on their way home,
to Salt Lake City,
so they had made some phone calls
to other church members,
and were led to us.

They stayed the night here

and we enjoyed getting to know

this sweet couple, their close friend and daughter.

They were so kind and gracious,

and invited us to stay with them

if we ever need a place in Salt Lake City.

It was quite an experience!

We felt blessed to have the opportunity

to meet them.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Good answer!

Tonight at FHE,
we were talking about Lehi's dream.
We talked about the tree, the mist of darkess,
the filthy water,
and what they represented.
Then I asked,
"And what about the iron rod,
what was it for?"

Happily, Jordan shouted out her answer,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Austin the Boy Scout

At the end of August,
Austin received the
Arrow of Light award.
So, he is no longer a Cub Scout,
but a Boy Scout now.

That night, they raced goldfish
in rain gutters.
What a perfect activity for boys!

They let some girls do it, too.

Friday night,
Austin got to go on his
first campout as a Boy Scout.
He had a great time.

I heard that the leaders survived,

but I haven't seen much of them since. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Several months ago,
we had a contest
in our ward
for indexing names.
I haven't done much since then,
but recently decided
there is more that I can do.

It's actually fun
and hey, I'm doing something
in my spare time.
Try it, you'll become addicted, too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Making bread was always
one of those things that
intimidated me.
I guess I just gave up because
I had failed at it once or twice.
Then grandma came to stay with us
and spent an afternoon
teaching me how to bake bread.
It turned out perfect the way she made it,
and the wonderful smell filled the house.
She gave me her recipes,
but she gave me much more than that.

She gave me the confidence
to keep trying,
knowing that eventually it will turn out right.
And she also gave me a wonderful memory.
Every time I bake bread now,
I think of her
and that time she spent
teaching me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is what I saw
on my morning jog today.
The deer across the street
just watched me go by. Amazing.

I love living where we do!
The wonders of nature are everywhere.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playing house

Picking out the perfect dress
for each doll.

Time to wake up.

Moving each one over

where the "food" is

so she can be served breakfast.

Can't forget the dog and cat.

What are their names? Jordan asks.

Elvis (of course), Poncho ('cause London wore one

for the first time a couple of days ago),

Jessica, Tanner, Malory, and

Ponfontu, says London.

That last one is creative, don't you think? :)

All are moved back to the house
to be tucked in for bedtime.

Goodnight kisses.

And a hug.

And singing them to sleep.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Carrying on the tradition

My family
has a proud tradition
of being Broncos fans.
Ever since I can remember,
we would watch the games together
every Sunday afternoon
while we ate dinner.
I learned the rules of the game
and loved the excitement of winning.
Now, Doug and I are passing on that tradition
to our own kids.
Yesterday, as the game started,
they all went and found every
Broncos hat, jersey, helmet and football
in the house.
We started teaching them
the rules of the game,
and they cheered with us
when our team won.

Maybe someday they'll pass on the

tradition of football to their kids.


Jordan is our little
Sometimes they are
just random love notes
she colors
and gives to us.

Sometimes we find
them on our pillows
at night.

When I spent a night away not too long ago,

this is what I received when I returned home.

And Doug got one too.

I thought it was too cute that she

wants him to stop working and stay home.

Well, this week, it's not love

she's writing about.

Maybe she's just excited for Halloween.

We see these signs all over the walls:

In the downstairs hall --

in the stairwell --
and, lest we forget, there's one by the front door --
Jordan is the best.
You never know what you're going to find
with her around.