Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day highlights

Capturing that first look:

Any name suggestions
for our new family rock band? :)

Christmas Eve

We would do this
every year
at Grandpa and Grandma's house
with our cousins
when we were kids.
Now that we live farther away,
and do our own Christmas Eves,
we try to
carry on the tradition
of acting out the Nativity.
The kids look forward to it
every year.

(In case you were wondering,
London is a shepherd.
She's holding a sheep
and using her favorite blanket
to go over her head. Funny.)
They get to open one gift
before bed.
This year it was
new winter pajamas
(microfleece - wish they came in
my size!)

And the stockings were hung
by the chimney with care. . .

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We are counting down
the days, officially.

Plates have been filled
and treats delivered
to neighbors.
Letters to Santa
have been carefully written.

And many pictures of him drawn.

Thanks to Sydney,
we even have a spot
for him to land
in our backyard.
I think we are
just about ready!
Are you?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow angel

We finally got
a real snowfall.
This was the first thing
she wanted to do
when she saw it.

Now Christmas can come!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little Christmas cheer

Last night
we were favored by
a Christmas concert
at the middle school.
It helped to put us all
in a festive mood.
No, he's not singing a solo
(that will be next month)
but he had a speaking part.
He did a great job!
Here, enjoy some listening
for yourself. It was quite
fun to watch.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cultural diversity

Today was so much fun!
We got together at the church
with some Hispanic
from our community
and learned how to make tortillas!
I've always wanted to learn how,
and they were so kind
to share their expertise with us.

I learned:
nothing is measured with
cups or spoons, it is all
eye-balled, so it takes some
(And that made it difficult
to write down recipes!)

a tortilla press makes it
sooo much easier!
and they turn out prettier
than hand-rolling.
Corn tortillas are pressed,
flour are hand-rolled.
This sweet lady
showed us how to make
Bunuelos, which she
compared to donuts, only they
are rolled out flat and allowed to dry,
and then deep-fried.
It was such a fun way
to spend a few hours,
we made new friends
and learned a
bit of their culture, too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

New tradition

Tonight for FHE
the kids decided
we should do
what we did
last year and watch
Mr. Krueger's Christmas.
Last year was
the first time
they saw it,
and I guess
it was a hit.

So tonight,
we snuggled up
with blankets
and a fire in the stove, and
watched this wonderful show
for the 2nd year in a row.
I love the way it reminds me of
what Christmas is all about.
If you haven't seen it yet
this year, or seen it at all,
do. You'll be glad you did.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Signs of life

We are starting to see
some signs of life
under our Christmas tree.
The kids have been
busy, busy, busy
doing chores to earn money
to buy gifts for each other.
We took them all to the store
one night
and split up.
And they had so much fun
picking out the perfect present
to give the others.
Then, they couldn't wait
to start wrapping.
Each one took a turn
in the wrapping (laundry) room.

As the wrapped gifts appeared
under the tree,
the excitement spread
through the whole house.
Christmas is coming!
We can hardly wait.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tire tracks

I just noticed this
cloud in the sky tonight.
That's the first time
I've ever seen one like it.
Austin said it looked like
tire tracks.

Hey, maybe there is off-roading in heaven! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good for a laugh

Today, I had a most humorous conversation
with Miss London.
She had been eating
chocolate chip banana bread
and had chocolate
spread across her cheek, eye, and into her hair.
Austin said she looked like
Scar's daughter (Lion King, remember?)
I went over and started cleaning it off her face.
"What's this on your face?" I asked.
"It's chocolate." London replied.
"How did it get up there?" (on her eye)
"It just climbed up on."
(Laughing) "You're so funny.
How does chocolate climb?"
"It has some legs on."
I tell you what,
that girl.
She cracks me up.
I love it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sitting on Santa's lap

Never done this before.
She's a little apprehensive,
to go and see that man
with the big white beard
and red suit.
What will he say?
She's shy
for a minute,
but manages to tell him
about that dollhouse.
Especially if there's a
candy cane
in it for her afterward.
No way, forget it.
I'll just admire from afar, says Jordan.
But can I still have a candy cane?

Am I too old for this?

Hey, we match!

It's a time-honored tradition,
one that we hope will last
as long as their dreams do.
Never stop believing!

Heart sandwich, by London

we have a favorite lunch.
She calls it
Heart sandwich.
She loves to make it herself.
First, you cut the first heart
out of bread.

Carefully tear off the edges.

Now, make the second heart.

Spread one with jam.
She likes raspberry or strawberry.

And enjoy!

The first bite
is always the best.

They taste much better
than regular old sandwiches!