Thursday, November 8, 2007

Conversations with London #2

This morning we were rushing
to get the oldest 3 kids to school.
London was hungry,
and I told her we'd get her some cereal
when we got back.
She seemed fine with this.
After we dropped off the girls,
then we took Austin to his school.
As soon as he got out of the car,
London says, "OK, Mom, now we can
go get my cereal!"
I said, happily,
"OK, London, we'll go get your cereal."
and she says,
"Mom, be nice with the cereal, OK?"
Um, OK.
Later, she's having some cereal.
It's Froot Loops Smoothie,
where some of the Froot Loops
are yogurt-covered.
Of course, she only likes the ones
with yogurt on them.
So when she runs out of those,
she asks for more cereal.
I pour her more, but only
about 2 with yogurt
fall into her bowl.
She eats those 2, then says,
"Actually, Mom, I need some
more cereal."
OK, have you ever heard
a barely-2-year-old
use the word
correctly in a sentence??

1 comment:

o charm said...

um, since milla knew 30 words (her version) when she turned two, not so much! that's so cute.