Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sydney's day

Yesterday was such
a special day.
We spent it just hanging out
and having fun together.
That evening,
it was so awesome
to see
Sydney doing this
great thing
surrounded by her family
and good friends
who love her.
We are so proud of her
and her decision.

And we have to tell you
about London's reaction
because, as usual,
she had to add her
element of humor.
After it was over, she said,
"Now we can go swimming!"
We ended the evening
by having dinner together
at a nice restaurant,
where Sydney was able to have
her favorite appetizer,
calamari ("squid rings", she calls it)
and some kind friends
bought her dessert.

What a memorable day.

These are some
beautiful gifts she received
from family and friends.


The Page Family said...

We feel bad we miss Sydney's day. I'm sure it was very special. It's hard to believe the girls are 8!! It has gone fast.

JaneH said...

Sydney's special day. Sorry that we couldn't be there. Great Grandma and Grandpa are so very proud of you. You are so beautiful,inside and out.