Monday, November 5, 2007

What brain cells?

Austin and Sydney
have been learning
to play the piano for
the past 1 or 2 years.
They've been taking
lessons from a
friend and have been doing
such a great job.

Twice a year they have a piano
recital, where they and the other
students get to perform a few
songs for their families and friends,
to showcase what they've been
learning. Austin and Sydney
had a few songs they were working
on and were excited to
perform for us.

Yesterday was the big day. 5:00 pm.

Mom (that's me) forgot completely about this
event until about 5:20, when the piano
teacher called to see if we were coming.
We were all in our pajamas, enjoying a
football game, oblivious to the fact we
were missing the big recital.

Good one, Mom.

1 comment:

jen prokhorov said...

whoopsie! then you could just walk in late with your kids like "yeah, we're here to grace you with our performance, but listen to your bratty kids? pah-leeze. . . we don't have time for that."