Tuesday, December 18, 2007


When it comes to new devices and
gadgets, sometimes I think my
kids know more than I do.
This is our printer/copier/scanner/...

Whenever I
go to print
something out,
London thinks
I am
the paper.
She will always
grab a blank
sheet and ask
if I will "cook"
one for her.

How adorable
is that?

This morning she
grabbed Doug's
old palm pilot
and used it
like a flip-phone
to call me,
her friends,
and their moms.

Oh, what waits in store for us
about 12 years down the road??
You gotta love it.


BERRETT'S said...

Intelligence starts young...Amazing

JaneH said...

Chris - I love your blog. The pictures of London are great.

The Page Family said...

She is so cute!!