Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You're it!

Tonight the 2 younger girls
and I decided
(ok, I was persuaded under duress)
to play a friendly game of
I quickly learned this wasn't
London's first time.
She already knew the
"nanny nanny boo boo"
(I wish you could see
the part where she
shakes her hips!)
Race to the bedroom!

Ha! Made it to base.

Only one minor incident -
Jordan's nose and knee collided
during a mad dash from
base to base
(couch to couch).

You can see the concern

in London's eyes,

you know,

that "catch me if you can" look.

1 comment:

Lindsay Van Orden said...

okay. you're kids are so funny. you guys have such a blast, it's awesome. that london's pretty smart isn't she? i wonder where she gets that smart-alec side...? :)