Sunday, March 30, 2008


We colored our eggs
with Linds at her house.
It's always fun to see the
different color combinations
everyone comes up with.

Linds made a Bronco egg,
and the kids would do one color
on top of another
to see what the final result would be.

On Easter morning,

the hunt was on.

They were surprised
the Easter bunny found us
there in our hotel room.

Found them all! Thank goodness,

I would feel bad for the maid who

came across an egg a few days (or weeks) later!

When we got home, the kids found

that the Easter bunny had also

brought candy to our house.

So, they got visited twice this year!


The Page Family said...

We are very glad to hear the Easter Bunny found the kids, because our kids were worried they would be missed this year!! Way to go Easter Bunny!!

o charm said...

lucky ducks!

J+S said...

The Easter Bunny is a smart fella.