Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coolest thing EVER!

So, tonight, as I was finishing dinner dishes,
Jordan was looking out the front window.
She comes over and says to me,
"Mom, there's an owl in our tree."
Yeah, right, I said.
If you know Jordan, you know
she's full of practical jokes.
But just to humor her, I went and looked.
And sure enough,
there in our tree sat a
Great Horned Owl.
How cool is that??
This was our view from the window.
Doug told me to go outside
and get some more pictures.

As soon as I sneaked around the corner,
his eyes were riveted on me.

I took a few photos,

then got a little too close, I guess,

because he ruffled up his feathers. . .

looked around one more time,

and took off,

with a few robins following him.

He flew around our street awhile,

and landed in our trees a few more times.

It was so exciting for the kids to watch!

We all enjoyed it.


The Page Family said...

Those are really cool pictures!! That would have been neat to see on owl that close. Good eyes Jordan! :)

Ramanda said...

WOW! That is awesome! Maybe he will make your tree his permanent home!

J+S said...

Those are great pictures, and what a great experience. I don't think I have ever seen an owl, except at the zoo.

o charm said...

holy cow that is amazing. i didn't even know those lived in colorado (what do i know?) nice shots!!!

o charm said...

p.s. why are YOU doing dinner dishes??? what did you have 4 kids for, anyway??

andrea said...

wow! that is sooo cool guys! when i was a little girl, i found an owl laying dead, face down out in our woods. it was HUGE and it's wings were expanded so it scared my sister and i to death. we literally ran for our lives! anyway, good find jordan!! and cris, great pic's!

OnGod'sErrand said...

I hope that he stays---they scare away the woodpeckers , you know!