Sunday, July 27, 2008


Friday morning
we headed up
to Rifle
Mountain Park
for a fun
night of
family camping.
We were lucky
to find an awesome spot to camp. Mostly shaded and pretty secluded. Austin had some scouting requirements to fulfill, so he helped set up the tent.

There were lots of trails and rocks
for the kids to climb on and explore.

Doug and Austin
got busy whittling
some branches
into marsh-
roasting sticks.
then we had a
3-mile hike to do, so we took a long walk down the road. On the way back to camp, this deer jumped out in front of us. It was the biggest doe I've ever seen. Doug thought it was an elk at first, that's how big it was.

In the evening, Doug took
Austin and Sydney fishing
on the stream, while
Jordan, London and I
gathered wildflowers for
a table centerpiece.

Austin helped build
the fire
and we had more
s'mores than we
should have,
but what's a campout
without s'mores?

We actually got
a pretty good
night's sleep,
and the next morning
had a hearty
(cooked by Austin,
yes, another
of breakfast
He told me he wants
to do more cooking at
home, he kind of
enjoys it!
We ended our adventure
with a rousing game of
"upset the fruit basket",
then packed up and
headed home.
What a blast! We need more
of those kind of trips.


JaneH said...

You Guys Rock --- What a great family outing.

Ramanda said...

Check you guys out! I think that a family that camps together stays together ha ha! I would totally that Austin up on that cooking thing! Is it me or is he growing overnight?!

BERRETT'S said...

We missed you friday night. But, it looks like you guys had a great time! Probably a little stress free outing before the wirlwind of the new calling. Your pictures are amazing! I love them. Bay loves the campfire picture.

Unknown said...

dang- looks like so much fun. of course doug thought the deer was an elk- doug has a hard time telling 35lb bambi apart from a huge buck!!! those poor little animals are never safe when doug is around.

o charm said...

so jealous!