Thursday, August 14, 2008

County fair

One of the great things
about living in a
small town
is that they have a
county fair every year.
The events are always fun to attend,
we usually try to go to the big ones.
This year, we went to the
CPRA rodeo on Friday night.

Saturday morning,
we all got to be in the
Our friend is running for
county commissioner.
The kids had a blast
handing out candy to people
all the way down the street.
London got to ride, lucky girl.

Later that afternoon,
we went out to the airport
for the Air Fair.

They had tons of fun things indoors

for the kids to do.

One of the coolest things
they do is have parachuters jump
as the national anthem is played.

And the air show was

pretty spectacular, too.

It all made for a fun-filled weekend,

and a good end to summer

for the kids!

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