Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stocking up

I love this time of year
when the morning air
is crisp
and fresh fruit
is abundant.
The kids love freezer jam,
so I thought I'd make some
to put away for the year ahead.

Yesterday and today's batches:
peach, raspberry-peach, and mango.
Tomorrow will be strawberry.
It's nice to be able to preserve
that fresh fruit flavor
to enjoy during those
long winter months.


J+S said...

Oh, I love making freezer jam. I feel so domestic when I do it, too. Can you send me your recipe for raspberry-peach? And why are raspberries so expensive still? What is a good price per pound? Where do you get yours? Our vines aren't mature enough to produce quite enough for a jam-fest. :)

Ramanda said...

OOOH! Check you out being all self suficient! I am really impressed! We all say we should perserve food but you actually do it! Way to go!
I want your recipe for raspberry-peach as well! Sounds delish!