Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lunch date

I went to lunch today
with two of my favorite people.
They make me laugh.

"Help, I'm in jail!"

Singing Michael Jackson's "Beat It",
her new favorite song.

Thought you also might enjoy a couple of

conversations I had with Miss London today.


London: "I'll go get some candy to go in my mouth."

Me: "Your mouth?"

London: "Yeah, because that's where it lives."


London, eating a Tootsie pop: "What does this one taste like?"
Me: "I don't know, is it strawberry?"
London: "No."
Me: "What is it?"
London: "Pancake!"
Me: "Pancake, that's silly!"
London: "No, it can be pancake, it's not silly."
Me: "ok. (?)"

1 comment:

jen said...

i can't believe how big syd is. where is the little girl i once knew???