Monday, September 22, 2008


Jordan is our little
Sometimes they are
just random love notes
she colors
and gives to us.

Sometimes we find
them on our pillows
at night.

When I spent a night away not too long ago,

this is what I received when I returned home.

And Doug got one too.

I thought it was too cute that she

wants him to stop working and stay home.

Well, this week, it's not love

she's writing about.

Maybe she's just excited for Halloween.

We see these signs all over the walls:

In the downstairs hall --

in the stairwell --
and, lest we forget, there's one by the front door --
Jordan is the best.
You never know what you're going to find
with her around.


BERRETT'S said...

I LOVE, love notes. I especially love the don't go to work anymore Dad. I wish we could all just be together a family all the time.

bullfrogranch said...

What a sweetie Jordan is. That is so cute that she wrote her mom and dad's first names on the notes. That must have made your day.

o charm said...

i love it. look forward to those days (if mine ever do that!) and remember doing that all the time when we were little!