Sunday, September 7, 2008


Every time we make our
trip to the temple
in Vernal,
I feel kind of like a pioneer.
Not that I have to give up anything
compared to what they sacrificed.
But it does take an entire day
to go and do some work
at our assigned edifice.
And that small offering
always just adds
to the wonderful spirit
of the day.
Yesterday we took the kids
and met many of our
ward members up there
for a session.
The kids were taken care of
in the chapel next door
so that we could go.
It was well worth the trip.

The city of Vernal
is overflowing with flowers.

They are everywhere,
and they are gorgeous!
I don't know how they do it.

We all met at a park afterward

to share lunch and good times.

And let the kids take

some whacks at a pinata.

They each came away
with their fill of candy,
no disappointment there.
(Except Austin, who didn't get to
take any hits before it broke open,
I made him smile for the picture. :)

We drove home afterward,
filled in more ways than one.

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Kristine said...

I completely understand about the "trek" to the temple. Our trip to our assigned temple in Albuquerque is 4 1/2 hours...(we live in Silver City, NM). It makes for an all day trip. The funny thing is that we are the same distance from the Mesa, AZ temple, and we often end up going that way. It's always worth the sounds like your ward really works to help you out with your kids too...that is so nice. We have not had that as an option ever, so it's always a juggling act with our kids.
(By the way...I'm an old classmate of Doug's from St. Johns and I found you through Rachel Foxcroft's blog.)