Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You never know. . .

I so appreciated
President Uchtdorf's talk
on Saturday night.
I liked how he talked about
the importance of service,
and how it helps us focus on others,
instead of ourselves.
So on Monday morning,
I prayed for an opportunity
to help someone.
Little did I know how that prayer
would be answered.

Doug got a phone call
around 8:30 last night
that a group of 4 people
had their car break down
and were stranded, with no place to stay.
All hotel rooms were booked for miles around.
They were on their way home,
to Salt Lake City,
so they had made some phone calls
to other church members,
and were led to us.

They stayed the night here

and we enjoyed getting to know

this sweet couple, their close friend and daughter.

They were so kind and gracious,

and invited us to stay with them

if we ever need a place in Salt Lake City.

It was quite an experience!

We felt blessed to have the opportunity

to meet them.


Rachel said...

How nice you guys are! You must be quite the housekeeper. I would have my heart race and think crap my house is a disaster. I would love to be able to just do that spur of the moment! I am sure they loved you, doug and your little family! I loved his talk too btw!

Lonni said...

What a great experience. Heavenly Father does answer prayers.(Yours and Theirs)

JaneH said...

I know that it took some effort, but what a sweet experience for your whole family. I love the saying "If you are not happy with your lot in life.... Put a service station on it."

BERRETT'S said...

When ever you ask for opportunities to serve you will get the for sure!! I was praying and praying for service then kept wondering why all my visiting teaching people needed something. I was chatting to my companion about it telling her what I had been praying for and she said, "would you quit prying for that I need some rest" I'm so dense I didn't even realize it. Sheesh! Your Fam is super!!

Boyds said...

what a wonderful example you are to us.

OnGod'sErrand said...

You're teaching not only your children, but all of us too. thanks for being such a great example of unselfish love and service.

o charm said...

cute story, and nice thought.
i love the stealth pictures. bloggers at work! :)