Saturday, October 4, 2008

Conference Saturday

If you didn't have the chance
to listen to or watch conference today,
then you didn't hear about
the 5 new temples
that were announced.
It's exciting to hear about
how the church is growing and
always moving forward.

My favorite talk today
was Elder Holland's.
I'm looking forward to hearing
many more inspired words


J+S said...

I loved Sylvia Allred's talk. I just barely posted about that and the new temple in Rome on my blog. I love how many temples are being built.

Lonni said...

I loved that talk too. My favorite today was President Urchedorf.(sp?)
I loved his whole message about hope. And as always I love Elder Wirthlin's . He always makes me laugh. I also can't wait for more!

OnGod'sErrand said...

I'm really excited about the new temple announced for Kansas City area. Could that be Jackson County? Is this the first of the 12 temples to be built there? That would be amazing!

Kristine said...

Elder Holland's talk was my favorite too! Hands down, and I felt the spirit so strongly during all of the sessions.

It's a really fun tradition to do a special meal for conference. I'd like to do that too.