Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little ballerina

Every Thursday,
this is London's
favorite place to go.
Dance class.

It's a pretty
small class,
usually only 3 or 4 girls, but
I kind of like it that way.

It's so fun

watching them

learn the basics,

figuring out how to

make their bodies do

those movements.

It's really cute.

She absolutely loves it!

She's looked forward to

these classes for a year,

and now they are

the highlight of her week.


JaneH said...

What a fun time for London. I know that these early dance classes seem to be a struggle. But they learn so many different thing from them. Things like: grace and poise and how to take instruction and get along with others. She is a darling. Would love to be at a recital.

J+S said...

Oh, Degas would have loved to paint them. I wish London many happy dance recitals.