Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting crafty

Recently, I found a
new hobby.
I started making jewelry
and am having
so much fun with it!
These are some things
I have made.

This one is a random mix
of glass/resin beads.

Silver filigree,
moonstone, and glass beads.
Silver dragonflies,
black hematite, and mother of pearl.

Turquoise, silver melons,
mother of pearl
. Jasper and silver melons. Tiger eye and shell beads.
If you would
like me to make something
for you or
someone you know,
let me know!
I'd love to.


Rachel said...

How luck for you that you have so many girls! Now you can justify your hobby! They are really nice! What a fun thing to do!

Rifle Fam said...

Wow, Christine, those are amazing! You are so talented!

JaneH said...

Chris. The Jewelry is really beautiful. Are you going to try to make it a business as well as a hobby? You really should. Check with Jen, she could give you some ideas on how it works. Your work is lovely.

J+S said...

You should open an Etsy shop!

Kennedy said...

Hey! Those turned out so good! I can't believe you've already made that many! They are really pretty! Good job!!