Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cultural diversity

Today was so much fun!
We got together at the church
with some Hispanic
from our community
and learned how to make tortillas!
I've always wanted to learn how,
and they were so kind
to share their expertise with us.

I learned:
nothing is measured with
cups or spoons, it is all
eye-balled, so it takes some
(And that made it difficult
to write down recipes!)

a tortilla press makes it
sooo much easier!
and they turn out prettier
than hand-rolling.
Corn tortillas are pressed,
flour are hand-rolled.
This sweet lady
showed us how to make
Bunuelos, which she
compared to donuts, only they
are rolled out flat and allowed to dry,
and then deep-fried.
It was such a fun way
to spend a few hours,
we made new friends
and learned a
bit of their culture, too!


Ramanda said...

Oh man I am so bummed I missed out on that! Dang sick kids! Now you need to come over and teach me how it's done.

JaneH said...

Ok Cris.......I suggest a family Mexican dinner, and you teach us all.

bullfrogranch said...

That was fun to attend. I learned how to cook the tortillas, but I missed the putting it all together part.