Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love valentines!

There was lots of love
to go around
at our house tonight!
The kids each sneaked off to their rooms today,
making their own special cards
for each other.
All on their own! It was so fun to watch.
Jordan made 3 or 4 cute notes for each of us.
Sydney made scrapbook-type cards
with envelopes.
And Austin made an
origami box
in which he shared
some candy hearts
with us.

Doug outdid himself
and gave me a
gorgeous rose necklace,
in keeping with his sweet
rose tradition.
He is so romantic!
We hope you had a
Happy Valentine's Day, too!


o charm said...

oooh, aaah, gorgeous necklace!
what good taste, doug!

JaneH said...

Lots of Love at your house.
Thats great.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Don't know how he does it---but he comes up with a creative rose every year. It's always fun to see what he'll find for you. What a sweet husband!