Sunday, February 22, 2009

Larger than life

When I made that
phone call
to Doug a couple of weeks ago
to tell him I had had an
with the car,
our nicest, newest, only-one-working-right car,
it reminded me all too well
of that time when I was 16
and had to call my dad
to tell him about that fender-bender
in our family's new mini-van.
He had reacted kindly to my tearful news,
making me feel better
instead of worse.
And that day, in my eyes,
my dad was larger than life.
So when I called Doug
to tell him what had happened the other day,
that I had made a mistake
that tore the front bumper off the car,
I was tearful as well.
And his reaction, much like my dad's,
was kind and understanding.
Yesterday he spent a couple of hours
fixing my mistake.
I watched him and thought
what a man I had married.
He's so handy
and can fix just about anything.
Like my dad,
I thought he was larger than life.

But not just because he's
good at that manly stuff.
Because he was compassionate and kind.
Because he knew I felt bad
and that it could be fixed.
Because he knew that
people mean more than things.
Boy, am I lucky, to have a man like that.


Lonni said...

So glad you weren't hurt! I have had a few "crashes" They shake you up a bit. Glad he was so understanding!

Ramanda said...

Oh man! It's nice to have some one that will be there for you even when you do stupid stuff ha ha! Trust me, I have done more than my fair share of stupid things! Thank goodness for patient husbands!

JaneH said...

Yep! That Guy is a Keeper.
Aren't we lucky in our family to have so many keepers? Glad you were not hurt and all is fixed. See you next week.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Beautiful post! It's so so refreshing to see love "in action". I'm really glad that the car and your heart will be okay!

jen said...

thanks for the sweet thoughts. you are lucky!

J+S said...

So glad you are okay!

BERRETT'S said...

Ugh! I hate those moments! Glad you have such a great guy. And really glad that all is well with you! I'm sure Doug was too.