Monday, February 2, 2009

Going solo

On Saturday, we took a
little family trip over to
Eagle Valley to watch
He was singing in solo/
ensemble for
the first time.

It was so amazing to watch.
It was a room full of kids
from middle school to high school.
Each took a turn singing a solo
in front of Dr. Atkinson,
from the state college.
He critiqued each person after his/her
performance, and showed them
how to improve.
But he did it in a very kind way.
It was so cool to watch, and we
were so proud of Austin.
He sang his heart out,
and when he finished,
there was hardly a soul in the room
who wasn't touched.

These are the other kids from his school
who sang in the competition.
All of them did a super job.

You can hear it for yourself.
He sings "Homeward Bound".


bullfrogranch said...

Austin, You are a very talented boy. Keep up the good work with your music.

Ramanda said...

WOW! That was beatiful! Austin, you have some mad skills bud!!!

Lindsay Van Orden said...

Dude, that was awesome. I sang that song for my all state audition and totally forgot what a great song that was. austin will be there before you know it! great job aust... it was beautiful. couldn't have been much for the guy to critique! :)

o charm said...

oh, how cute was that! so glad you posted the video. he's got a beautiful voice! good work, bud!