Sunday, March 15, 2009

Date in Denver

These days,
Doug and I don't get to see
a lot of each other.
So we were thrilled to death
to have the chance
to steal away for an afternoon
to see Phantom.

It was showing
at the Buell Theater
downtown. We were
running a little late,
so I didn't have time
to take many pics.
But here it is.

The show
was so
We went
with some
good friends
who got us
for some of the
best seats in
the house.
We loved it!
It was such
a fun

I don't think
I could ever
see that show
too many times.
The music is
and the

experience is unforgettable! We had a great time. Thanks again, guys!


OnGod'sErrand said...

It's a beautiful show in Polish too! I'm so glad that you guys got a chance for a date together. There's not a more romantic song than "That's All I Ask of You", I hope you held each others hands all the way through it. <3

JaneH said...

I am all for a romantic evening.
I understand the play is just wonderful.

jen said...

and i've never been!
lucky you!