Thursday, March 5, 2009

First trip to the dentist

London went with me
while I got my teeth cleaned
at the dentist.
She watched with great interest
everything the hygienist did
and seemed excited when I said,
"Maybe we could get your teeth cleaned sometime, too."
Well, they had an opening today,
so I thought it would be a good idea
to take her in while she was still interested.
I told her about the appointment this morning,
and she was happy.
But after she started thinking about it,
she changed her mind.
Soon, she did not want to go to the dentist after all.
In fact, as I was making lunch,
she thought she would be smart
and barricade me into the kitchen.
She told me I was going to just stay in there
until it was time to go get the girls
after school.
I said, "What if I need to use the bathroom?"
Then she showed me how I could
just step over the shortest pillow.
That was nice.
When her wall was finished, she came in,
folded her arms and said,
"You're not going anywhere, ha ha."

OK then.
Well, as we all know,
moms usually win these kinds of debates.
I finally talked her into going.
I used the old bribe trick of
"You'll get a cool bag to take home,
like I got."
So off we went.

She did wonderful.
She got right up in the chair
and the hygienist made it fun.
She let her pick out
her favorite flavor of toothpaste
and tell the chair to move up and down.

She got to wear
cool shades.

And the toy of choice?
A punch-balloon.
That made it all worthwhile.
Not to mention
the sparkling smile she got
as an added benefit.
I think she changed her mind
about the dentist,
and may even look forward to
the next time she goes.


Shanda said...

Yeah, that's an event near and dear to me :)
Looks like she did great!

jen said...

the barricade is hilarious.

OnGod'sErrand said...

You must spend all day giggling at her antics. Wish they could stay little forever.....sigh.

Kristine said...

I love it when my kids have a good experience at the dentist...that is too funny that she showed you how to get out of the barricade.'ll have to tell Doug we just met his Uncle Jess and his wife. They are in our ward in Queen Creek, AZ.