Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family outing

Over Memorial Day weekend,
we packed up the family
and a picnic in the truck
and headed up the canyon a couple of miles.
We stopped at one of our favorite spots
where no one else was around
and made our little camp for the day.
The kids needed no entertaining.
They picked dandelions for bouquets,

walked up and down the creek
looking for treasures,

searched for and collected snails,

made their own fishing poles,
with grass tied together for line
and completed with a dandelion for a bobber
and tried them out

while Doug did some fishing of his own

and actually caught a few
small brown trout.

He grilled us some
delicious hamburgers
and we had a regular outdoor feast.
Even took a rare family photo
with our little tabletop tripod.

After lunch we packed up
and drove a little further north
to explore the ice cave.
It was mostly melted away,
but there was enough ice
to skate on.

What a fun day we had!


Ramanda said...

What a day!!! Gotta love summer!

jen said...

what a cute family pic!

J+S said...

Hey, your hair is blonde again!

BERRETT'S said...

Great Pictures! It's just the begining Hurray for summer!!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Love the family photo! What a beautiful family we have :)