Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fishing field trip

On Friday,
the 3rd grade classes
went over to the local pond
and got some pointers on fishing
from the Division of Wildlife officer.
He gave out free fishing poles
and helped them all
learn the basics.
Lots of parents
took the opportunity
to go fishing with their kids.

Sydney's getting to be a pro
at casting.
London really gets into it, too.

And we have to laugh
at some of her comments.
When she saw this,
she pointed down at the water
and said,
"Mom, look!
Someone dropped their hair
in there!"
Totally serious.
(I think.)

There's nothing better
than getting that
on the line.
She quickly hands it
over to dad to reel in.

A little rainbow.
We had to pet it
before we let it go
back into the pond.

Hilarious comment #2
from London:
"Mom, look!
Someone dropped their
fluffy stuff in there!"

Again, totally serious.
(I think.)

It was a beautiful day,
perfect for spending some
quality time together
fishing at the pond.
Hooray for living
in a small mountain town!


BERRETT'S said...

I love the things London says. She is adorable. You need to write all of them down.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Sydney is so lucky to have a dad that goes on fieldtrips with her. Hurray for Doug!