Friday, June 19, 2009

The Wild, Wild West

One of the blessings
of living where we do
is the beautiful scenery
and especially,
the wonderful people we get to know.
Last weekend we were invited out to
the 80-acre ranch of some good friends.
They really showed us a great time.
First we had the chance to see their 2-week-old foal.
The kids were disappointed they couldn't ride him,
he was so cute.
But we did get to ride some other horses,
and had a ball doing it.
Doug and I both were pretty rusty,
but it didn't take him long
to get back in that saddle.
Like riding a bike, I guess.
He was in horse heaven.

London was fearless.
Once she saw those horses,
she begged to ride,
and then after a couple of times around the arena,
she thought she was ready for a solo act,
(no one holding her horse's rope)
and wanted to go faster!
It was a good first experience for her,
we hope the first of many.
The other kids also loved
every minute of it.

We were treated to a wonderful dutch oven dinner
around a campfire,
of bbq ribs, baked beans, biscuits,
and s'mores for dessert.
It was an evening we won't soon forget!

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