Saturday, September 26, 2009


Every summer we have plans to go camping.
And then the summer flies by.
And we haven't camped.
Summer may be over now,
but there's still a little good weather
to be enjoyed.
Last weekend, we headed up to the Gap
with our tent and our boat,
found the perfect spot
overlooking the lake,
and camped for the night.

Doug did the fire
and the girls did the cooking.
(I did the photographing!)

The night got a little chilly,
but when the sun came up,
my wonderful husband
started up a new fire
and cooked breakfast for us.

After we broke camp,
we took the boat out
for a bit of morning fishing.

London pretty much
never took her eyes off that bobber
(except to smile for the camera, of course).

She got a good lesson from dad
on baiting a hook.

Austin had all the luck this time.
He caught a trout and a perch.

There's not much that beats
enjoying the outdoors
and being with your family.
Love it!

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Rifle Fam said...

How fun! Some of my best memories growing up are of camping as a family. Helps you enjoy the time you have together.