Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sydney wanted a
party of all parties
for her 10th birthday.
So we had some friends over
and celebrated with them
for a few hours.
A little pizza was served
to start off the night.

We played a fashion designing game
where the girls created an outfit
out of a roll of foil.
Very fun!

They did great work!
I see some real potential here. :)

We played a couple more games,
then turned on the
disco ball
and they danced the night away.
A little Cha-Cha Slide really livened things up.

After Syd opened gifts,

we topped the night off

by making s'mores and playing

Apples to Apples Jr.

A totally fun night!

We were all sad when it was

time for the girls to leave.

Happy birthday, Sydney!

1 comment:

OnGod'sErrand said...

Another year older, Sydney!! My, you're growing up so fast. (Sorry I missed the party; looks pretty fun).