Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks

This year was a special year
for Thanksgiving.
It was the first time in
quite a while
my whole family was together:
Mom, Dad, my brothers and sisters.
It was so awesome.
We also got to have my grandparents,
cousins, aunts and uncles from
mom's side together, too.
There were almost 50 people there,
so we celebrated at the church
near my parents'.
Several tables were set
with red tablecloths
and festive dinnerware and centerpieces,
thanks to mom.

Getting together wouldn't be complete
without the guys shooting some hoops.

Dad carved the turkey, as is tradition,
and gave Austin some pointers
along the way.

My cute sis, Lindsay,
and my future niece!
My brother Justin and
his wife, Andrea.

Let the feast begin!

My little brother, Mitch.
I'm surprised he wasn't
first in line!
(Just kiddin', bro)
My wonderful grandparents.

It was a feast to remember,
and a wonderful chance
to think about all
we have been blessed with,


Tobin said...

I love seeing these pictures! How fun!! Tell Mitch hi from Tobin and Me!


J+S said...

This looks amazing and I'm sure was great for your family! Merry Christmas, Christine! Come see us when you are down our way.