Sunday, December 2, 2007

Decking our halls

Yesterday was the day
the kids had been waiting for
for quite awhile.
We got out all the boxes
of Christmas decorations
and put up our tree.

And even though
they're the same
ones we always
put out,
to the kids,
their magic
is never lost.
They always love
getting those
boxes out,
and open them up
every year
like they're
brand new.

Then comes the fun
of deciding where
everything should
go on the tree.
It's by no means
a "designer" tree.

It contains lots of those
homemade ornaments, created by the kids
at school, church or home. Those are the
ones with special meaning to them, and
can never be left off the tree.

Doug gets the honors
of putting the
star on

But our favorite part of decorating for Christmas
is when we get to put out the Nativity scene.
It has a special place on top of our piano and
helps us all to remember the real meaning of this
wonderful season.

1 comment:

JaneH said...

Looks like your house will be beautiful for Christmas. It's so much fun when you have the little ones around.