Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Once we got over
the initial
of having taken off
a total of
13 inches. . .

we were so glad we
did it.
They love the ease
of no more tangles,
and styling their own hair.
And I have to admit,
that was a big attraction
for me, too.
Now, if we can just
sell their dad on it . . .


o charm said...

oh come on, doug. hair down to the knees is just not cool anymore!!! and your little jordan is growing up! looks great guys.

BERRETT'S said...


Lindsay Van Orden said...

they look awesome! i can't believe how grown up jordan looks... did she give her hair away for a wig? there was certainly enough hair for it!

J+S said...

Christine, I can't believe how much of you I see in Jordan!