Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just enough

When we woke up
this morning,
there was maybe 1" of snow
that had fallen last night.
The girls wanted to go play in it,
so I said sure.
I never imagined it was
enough snow for them
to make a snowman!
Oh, sorry,
Snow gal!
Her name is Sally,
isn't she cute?

They both made the snowballs,
and Sydney gave
her her face and dressed her up.
We'll enjoy her while she lasts!


Lindsay Van Orden said...

girls, you need to come down and help us with our snowman! we have 4 inches! hank really wants to build one... i told him we couldn't do it without you guys.

JaneH said...

The snow man was really cute, but not as cute as the other two girls in the picture.

o charm said...

ok, how did they find enough snow for that??? they clearly used every inch of snow that was in the yard. next time have them take snow from the driveway and doug won't have to shovel!