Friday, December 7, 2007

Bedtime ritual

They say rituals help kids
to feel more secure.
London has one every time
she takes a nap or goes down
at night.
It never varies.

It goes like this:

I lay her down on top
of her fleece blanket.
Then her favorite one
goes on top.
She'll say,
"I want mom sing a bird."
That's Blackbird.
So, I sing it.
Sometimes, she sings it
with me. Word for word.

I close the blinds
and she asks for her
cup. One last
drink of milk.
In the summer she
would ask me at this point
to turn on the fan.
Sometimes she still does,
just to make me laugh.
I tickle her a little,
then say goodnight.

She turns over,
puts her favorite
2 fingers in her mouth,
plays with the
fringe on the blanket,
and drifts. . .

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