Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mad scientist

Last night
was the big
at the
middle school.
Austin came up
with his own
for his project.

He wanted to
take salt water
and extract the
salt from it,
then use the
clean water
to water plants.
We had to modify
the plan a little,
since there was no
warm sun
to condense the
salt water.

He did a great job!

We're looking forward

to many more science fairs

in the future.

(One down, 11 or so more to go. . .)


JaneH said...

A Scienctist in the making.
Good job Austin

BERRETT'S said...

Your project was great Austin. Only 27 more to go if your kids participate in them all through school. LOL. Maybe we can recycle the ideas every few kids!

Lindsay Van Orden said...

Way to go Austin! No big deal... just another Einstein on your hands Chris!