Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So big

So, tonight after dinner,
London came to me
and said,
"Mom, I want to do the dishes!"
What mom doesn't LOVE
a volunteer??
Before I knew it,
she was running for the step-stool
and asking if I would
turn the water on and
hand her the scrubber.

The view
from behind
is almost comical.
I had to
include it
just because
she looks
way too
to be doing

She wanted
to make sure
her plate
got the

OK, so she got
a little bit soaked in the
process (can you see
the water
dripping from her
decided to
go get a towel
to clean up
the mess.
You go, girl!
I love it
when they're
like that.

All dried off

and proud of a job

well done.


The Page Family said...

London got the dishes and a bath done at the same time!:) Bonus!! She is so cute!!

BERRETT'S said...

Great! I love a volunteer also! GOOD JOB LONDON

JaneH said...

Mothers helper. Good Job. I noticed that the dishes were all
plastic. Smart Mom

OnGod'sErrand said...

Enjoy it while you can! As you know it won't be fun for long.

christine said...

that is so cute tee hee jordan is macking her own one of london doing the dishes