Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Signs of spring

This morning I heard
noises on the roof,
like someone was
hammering up there.
I looked out
and saw that a
flock of birds
had landed
around our house.
I hadn't realized how
long it had been since
I'd seen birds.

They were beautiful!
London and I went out
and they were the
first thing she noticed.

I think she
missed them
as much as
I did.
With temperatures
in the teens and 20s

I think we're all
ready for


BERRETT'S said...

Me Too! I am ready for spring and have missed the birds. I saw the snow and ice melting a few days ago and there was a hint of spring in the air. OOOO I can't wait!
I love your pictures of your kids. You have a great way of capturing them.

o charm said...

gorgeous birds, great pics! milla has this sweater too--wore it for the first time today, it's so cute!! at least she's the only one in russia with it. :)