Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Happy birthday, honey!
Yesterday was Doug's
??'th birthday.
You can probably figure out
how old he is,
but he's in the denial stage
these days.
So we pretend it's 29.
I think he just keeps
getting better-looking
every year.


JaneH said...

Happy Birthday Doug. You've come a long way Baby -- But you still have a long way to go. Enjoy the ride. You'r the greatest.

BERRETT'S said...

Happy Birthday! You are only as old as you act.

BERRETT'S said...

I thought the candles were a party hat. I thought Wow he really is being young wearing the pointed hat and everything.

Page Family said...

Happy Birthday Doug!! Just remember there is always some older then you!!

ruth said...

word to getting older, right doug? i feel like i've been over the hill and back again... i can only imagine how you feel! just kidding. i don't think you look a day over 30. seriously. chris on the other hand... :) love you guys.