Saturday, February 9, 2008

New coat

Yesterday the zipper broke
on Sydney's coat.
So I had to go buy her
a new one.
She tried it on after school.
I think she might like it--
just a little.
This is what I found
when I went to tuck her
in bed last night.

She came upstairs for breakfast
this morning
dressed like this:

Then she wanted to

watch some tv.

She played a little

guitar hero.

(and racked up a

pretty good score, I might add --

you rock, girl!)

Finally, I found her

without it on,

but it was never far away.


BERRETT'S said...

It's true love. Cute coat.

JaneH said...

Even big girls need a security blanket. Looks warm and cuddly, what more could you ask. Love your blogs, Wonderful way to keep up with you guys.

Jenifer and Scott said...

What an appreciative girl!

Lindsay Van Orden said...

so my comment is not so much about the coat (which is really cute by the way) as it is about guitar hero. nice score syd! i think you really would school me! i'll have to come up and play with you and we'll find out...!

OnGod'sErrand said...

You have great taste in coats, Sydney! The one I bought here in Poland is just like it. The fur around the hood is really snuggly, isn't it?