Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beauty shop

Jordan tried her hand
at hairstyling today.
London was
more than willing
to be her
guinea pig.
After all, Jordan told her
she was going to look

When it was
Jordan showed
her the mirror
and she
admired herself
for awhile.
It's so fun
having a big
sister, isn't it?


o charm said...

um yeah, so fun chris!! j/k. . . i don't think you ever tortured me. you left all that to justin.

BERRETT'S said...

Very beautiful. I love to have times like that still with my sisters.

Unknown said...

Doug I am sorry to write on the family blog. But I thought I would write and tell you how impressed I am with your little family. It is great to take the time to look into this little window that your wife opened to see the fantastic steps of love that your family is taking. It is nice to see those that had such an impact in my life growing up are still making such a strong impact in my life as an adult. God be with you and thank you for the life example that you are.

Jared Ballard