Monday, May 19, 2008

The switch

Last week Austin's new
bedroom furniture arrived.
It's pretty sweet.
He loves it.
So, that created a chain of events
with all but one of the kids
switching bedrooms.
We moved Austin upstairs to that room.

Sydney moved over to what was
Austin's room before
(can you tell? Painting the walls
is our next priority!).
She absolutely LOVES
having her own room.

And one of the biggest changes,

moving London out of her crib

and into a bed!

Lots harder for me than her,

though she did ask for a few days

when we were going to the "other house"

to get her crib and bring it back.

Doesn't she look so little??

Another phase in life is past us.

Kind of bittersweet,

though it did kinda feel good

to clear out all that baby stuff!


OnGod'sErrand said...

AAAAwwwwhhhh! The rites of passage! Next thing you know it will high school proms and college graduations and bridesmaids dresses. But, each change is a beautiful memory on life's road.

J&S said...

How fun to be in this next stage. I remember when I got my own room for the first time, it was fantastic!