Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Date night

Last weekend
Doug got us tickets
to a Rockies game.
We drove to Denver,
dropped off the kids with family,
and went downtown for the game.

It was 31 degrees
with the wind chill.
We froze our tails off.
But our seats were on
the club level,
so we could go inside
to warm up
every once in awhile.

We got some dinner
and later, hot chocolate and cookies.

The Rockies
couldn't pull off a win.
But we stayed till the
bitter end.
And had absolutely no trouble
with traffic afterward!
It was so much fun,
and an awesome date!


JaneH said...

What a great evening together. To bad you couldn't celebrate a victory.

J&S said...

How fun! If you come to Salt Lake, we can go to a Bees game. :)

So jealous that your jury summons is only for one day. What happens to me if an unexpected trip comes up?